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With the massive growth of the craft brewing industry in India today, we have ample access to all varieties of specialty brews. The pleasure of sitting down to a glass of something that has been hand crafted, no matter how complex, or how simple, is still much more satisfying than opening up a beer made by bulk productions methods.

This blog is my attempt at trying to demystify the brewing process, as well as dedicated to bringing you the latest news in Breweries, Beer reviews, Equipment reviews and Recipes. I will be writing a bit about the various Brewpubs that I visit, as well as my favorite brews at each one.

I’ve been brewing for a decade now, and drinking beer for a decade more than that. I got interested in brewing when I tried my first craft brew in the early 2000’s. A friend’s brewery in Oxford had a Vienna Lager on tap, and one sip of that stuff was all it took.

The Beer Chronicles today provides a consultant service for exiting breweries who are interested in improving their process, formulating new recipes, and improving their overall craft beer offerings. The Beer Chronicles also provides service to people interested in opening their own brewery covering everything from the brew house choice, recipe formulations, staff training and operations.

My memberships:

Society of Beer Advocates
Brewers Guild of New Zealand
American Homebrewers Association

My certifications:

Cicerone® Program’s Certified Beer Server
Certified in Craft Beer 101 by Brewers Association
Certified Beer Steward by The Institute of Brewing & Distilling

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George Jacob
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