United Breweries owns Craft breweries?

Written by George on January 8, 2016
Photo credit: Bala Sivakumar
Photo credit: Bala Sivakumar

Did you know that our very own United Breweries owns craft breweries in the United States? It is a pity that Dr. Mallya doesn’t import craft beers from these breweries into India? Though I guess doing so would eat into his profits from Kingfisher beers, and so it wouldn’t be good business for him.

The Mendocino Brewing Company
This company was established in 1983 as the Hopland Brewery in a town called Hopland, in California. The owners were a couple of Homebrewers, Michael Laybourn and Norman Franks, who named their flagship beer the Red Tail Ale. The brewery still continues naming all it’s beer varieties after birds till today.

Mendocino's WHite Hawk IPA Photo Credit: Lynn F
Mendocino’s WHite Hawk IPA
Photo Credit: Lynn F

When Hopland opened in 1983, it was the first Brewpub in California, and the second in the US. They are now based in Ukiah, California.

In 1997, Dr. Vijay Mallya of United Breweries bought a significant portion of the company and now owns more than a third of the company’s stock. The company also produces Kingfisher beers for the US market.

Butte Creek Brewing Company

Photo credit: dirvish
Photo credit: dirvish

Butte Creek Brewing was established in 1995 by Tom Atmore and Bill Beeghly, along with Roland Allen who was Sierra Nevada’s Brewmaster. In 1998 Butte Creek released their first Organic beer, the Summer Organic Ale. This beer is considered one of America’s first organic brews.

In June 2010, Mendocino Brewing Company acquired Butte Creek’s brand of beers.

Olde Saratoga Brewing Company

This brewery is wholly owned by Mendocino Brewing company and has been in existence since 1997. This brewery covers the East coast with Mendocino’s brews, Kingfisher and their own in-house brewed beers.

Do you know of any others? Have I missed something? Send me a message in the comments section below.

Sources: Wikipedia, and the respective Brewery websites.

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