Real Ale

I’m not sure what Coopers categorise this kit as, but from my experience I feel it matches a generic Pale Ale style, with some similarities with the Australian Sparkling Ale style, which is usually smooth and well balanced, with a large flavour dimension. It is a very drinkable beer, suited to hot climates.

Deep yellow to light amber; a tall, frothy head and notable effervescence due to a high level of carbonation. Should have a grainy, bready flavour that starts with a mild malty sweetness that rises to a medium-high bitterness which balances the malt.


Strong, malty, fruity, wheat based ale that combines the best malt and yeast flavours of a weissbier with the malt rich flavour strength and body of a bock.

Aventinus, which is the world’s oldest top-fermented wheat doppelbock, was created in 1907 at the Schneider Weisse Brauhaus in Munich.