Primator English Pale Ale

Written by George on February 22, 2016

No one can deny that the quality of Czech brewed beer is still arguably the highest in the world, and the choice of styles is excellent. That unfortunately doesn’t apply to the Primator English Pale Ale brewed by Pivovar Náchod.

This beer has a deep amber to copper colour, minimal head and very little carbonation. A mild malty and caramel aroma with some spicy notes and perhaps honey(?).

The flavour is lightly bitter with some biscuits from the malts. The hops flavour is very light to almost non existent. A very watery mouthfeel. Easily a session beer.

It’s a bit of a disappointment to me, but then I’m not really a fan of this style. However, I’m sure a lot of beer drinkers would like this.

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