Pilsner – No Parking

Beer Details
  • ABV: 6%
  • IBU: 30
  • Color: 7 SRM (approx)

Little to no malt aroma, though it can have a light grainy Pils malt character (sometimes Graham cracker-like) and distinctive flowery or spicy noble hops. Clean, no fruity esters, no diacetyl. May have an initial sulfury aroma (from water and/or yeast) and a low background note of DMS (from Pils malt).

Arbor Brewing Company in Bangalore has a Pilsner called the No Parking, that is supposed to be in the German Pils style. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with this brew. While they were bang on target with the colour of the beer, the clarity was all wrong. A German Pilsner as you can see above, is supposed to be brilliant to very clear. Arbor’s Pilsner was cloudy, and not brilliant in any way. The menu says that German Tettnang hops have been used, but I couldn’t smell anything vaguely similar. I have only heard good things about Arbor Brewing Company, so perhaps this was an off batch of the No Parking Pilsner. I hope that my next visit in a few weeks will prove that this was just a one time stuff up.

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