Toit’s Christmas Ale 2015

Beer Details
  • ABV: 5.6%
  • Color: 13 SRM (approx)

Throughout history, beer of a somewhat higher alcohol content and richness has been enjoyed during the winter holidays, when old friends get together to enjoy the season. Many breweries produce unique seasonal offerings that may be darker, stronger, spiced, or otherwise more characterful than their normal beers. Spiced versions are an American or Belgian tradition, since English or German breweries traditionally do not use spices in their beer.

I love this! This year’s Christmas ale at Toit in Bangalore was an orgasm for my taste buds. The first impression when I raised the glass to my nose what that I’m going to get an overdose of Cinnamon. The brew looks very nice in the glass with a large head, and great retention lasting all the way to the end. After the initial fun with the aromas, I took a large gulp and though the sweetness turned me off a bit, I’m glad I didn’t just guzzle it down because a minute later a multitude of spices hit my palate. I tasted Cinnamon, Star Anise, Vanilla and Nutmeg. The beer is full bodied with a smooth and silky mouth feel – absolutely amazing! Kudos to the Brewmaster for this masterpiece.

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