Wheat beer – Holy Sally

Beer Details
  • ABV: I estimate about 4.5%
  • Color: 2 SRM (approx)

Traditionally wheat-based ales originated in Southern Germany, and are a specialty for summer consumption, but generally produced year-round. These are refreshing, fast-maturing beers that are lightly hopped and show a unique banana-and-clove yeast character. These beers often don’t age well and are best enjoyed while young and fresh.

Brewed at Murphy’s Brewhouse in Bangalore, this Wheat beer is like none other in town. The first thing that hit me was the mouth watering aroma of Cinnamon with a hint of Black Pepper, and a mild flavour of hops. The menu says they also add coriander, but I couldn’t taste that at all. The beer had a nice medium bodied mouth feel, and was a pale straw colour. A really tasty and easy drinking beer.

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