Equipment for Novice home brewing

Written by George on February 8, 2016

If you’ve gone through the previous posts and are now keen on home brewing, here is a list of equipment for novice home brewing that you will need.

Heat source: A regular stove top will do for your first few brews. But once you have a wort boil over, you’ll probably be kicked out of the kitchen by your significant other. Sticky wort makes a mess!

Boil kettle/ pot: While I use this kind of electric kettle for my all grain batches, you should just start off with a simple 20L stainless steel pot.

Stirring spoon: A regular stainless steel kitchen stirring spoon is adequate, just make sure that you use it only for your brewing.

Measuring cup: Needed to measure volumes of water. Get one which holds a few liters at a time.

: It is very important to pitch yeast at a specific temperature. This will also be needed when doing all grain mashes so may as well invest in a good quality one now.

Fermenter: A 25L to 30L bucket made of food grade plastic is ideal. If you can’t get this, a 25L mineral water bottle which you can buy at any grocery store will do the trick. In India, I recommend buying a large tupperware container and just retro-fitting a plastic tap.
Plastic Carboy

Hydrometer: This device is used to measure the specific gravity.


Racking cane: If you do chose to use a mineral water bottle (also called a carboy), then you will need a siphon to rack the beer into bottles or into another bucket that has a tap.

Auto siphon racking cane
Auto siphon racking cane

Airlock: While this is a cool device to have, I don’t see the need for one. I always use cling film to cover the top of my fermenter and have yet to have an infected batch.

Photo credit: John M. P. Knox
Photo credit: John M. P. Knox

Glass or PET bottles: I prefer to use glass, but you can use PET bottles as well to store your beer. Brown works best, but you can use clear or green ones provided you store your beer correctly.

Bottle caps: Simple crown caps for glass bottles.

Bottle capper: A levered device that is used to fit crown caps on glass bottles.

Photo credit: Mat_the_W
Photo credit: Mat_the_W

The items listed above are what are needed at a beginner lever when you are just working with extract brews. I will post another article with equipment for Partial Extract and All Grain in the future.

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