Coopers Real Ale (modified) – Bottling day

Written by George on February 1, 2016

Bottling Day Coopers Real Ale

My Coopers Real Ale which I modified slightly and brewed was ready for bottling this past Saturday.

Here is the post about brewing the Real Ale

After a week of cold crashing, it looks relatively clear. I bottled 20L, into 750 ml glass bottles. I used 135.5 grams of Dextrose which should give me 2.6 vols of CO2. OG was 1.050, FG is 1.016, so expected ABV of 4.6%.

Bottling Day Coopers Real Ale

Colour looks around 7 SRM which is pretty much what an Australian Sparkling Ale should be. Taste test while taking the FG reading showed a nice hoppy flavour, so I can’t wait to see how this turns out after carbonation!

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