Brewday – Coopers Real Ale (modified)

Written by George on January 10, 2016

My latest brew was using a Coopers Real Ale pre hopped can which I modified slightly. A pretty simple brew this time since I was tired from all the washing, sanitising, and bottling of my Weizenbock.

I have a couple of Coopers kit cans I got from a friend so need to use them up before they get too old. Ingredients used:

2Kg Dry malt extract
61.2 grams of Fuggle hops
1.7KG Pre hopped can of Coopers Real Ale
1pkg SafAle English Ale yeast #S-04

I started off with a 10L boil for 20 mins to let the DME go through a hot break. This usually lasts about 3 minutes with quite a bit of foaming as you can see in the picture.

Added the Fuggles hops with 10 mins left in the boil so as to extract some bitterness, but more for the aroma. Fuggles is a English hops that is used for bittering and aroma for English ales and Dark Lagers. It has a nice mild, grassy and floral aroma.

While the boil was on, I rehydrated my yeast. The S-04 is produced by DCL/ Fermentis, and is a fast fermenting yeast. Quck attenuation ensures a crisp and clear ale.

At the end of the boil, instead of the usual chilling to pitching temperature, I added the can of Coopers Real Ale and let it sit for 20 mins to let the whole thing pasteurise. Once done, my wort chiller brought it down to 20°C. Added the remaining 13L of water and this brought the temperature down further to a perfect 18°C.

Expected OG was 1.051, I measured 1.050, so that’s good news. I’m thinking of leaving this in primary for a week and then bottling provided my FG is between 1.010 to 1.015. let’s see how it goes. After all, the best laid plans of mice and men…..

*Edit* 01 Feb 2016: This brew has been bottled, and is now ageing. Check out my bottling day post here.

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