Brewday – Stout

Written by George on February 3, 2016

This past weekend was spent bottling my previous brew which was a modified Coopers Real Ale. Since I had a bit of time before heading out to the pub for a meeting, I made up a quick batch of Stout using a kit can of hopped extract.

Another very simple brew using one of Coopers kit cans I have lying around. Ingredients used:

500 g Chocolate malt
1 kg Dry malt extract
10 g + 18.3 g of Fuggle hops
250 g Dextrose
1.7 kg Pre hopped can of Coopers Real Ale
1 pkg SafAle English Ale yeast #S-04

I started off by milling the chocolate malt and steeping it in 2L of water for 30 mins. I also steeped 10g of Fuggles along with the malt.

Steeped Chocolate malt & Fuggles hops

The DME was added to about 6L of water and taken through a 25 minute boil. The 18.3 g of Fuggles was boiled for 15 mins for some bittering and minor aroma, and I also added a 1/4 tsp of Irish moss in the last 5 mins of the boil.

Fuggles hop addition

While the boil was on, I rehydrated my yeast. The S-04 is produced by DCL/ Fermentis, and is a fast fermenting yeast.

At the end of the boil, instead of chilling to pitching temperature, I added the can of Coopers Stout, Dextrose, and the liquid in which the Chocolate malt and Fuggles was steeped. I then let it sit for 20 mins to let the whole thing pasteurise. Once done, I added cold water to the 19L mark to bring the wort down to 20°C.

Stout in the fermenter

Expected OG was 1.056, I measured 1.053. I’ll be leaving this in primary for a week, then racking to secondary for another week while I harvest my yeast cake and prepare it for the following week’s brew.

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