Homebrewing Workshop

Written by George on February 23, 2016

The first Beer Chronicles Homebrewing Workshop was held on 13th Feb 2016 in Bangalore. We kept the group small to ensure that each attendee was able to receive personal attention and guidance. The recipe for the day is below.

Pale Malt – 4kg
Crystal Malt 20L – 0.75kg
Munich Malt – 0.75kg
Perle – 28g
Cluster – 28g
Saflager W-34/70

We started the day with some milling supervised by the boss who sat back and watched us go through an hour of hard labour.

Homebrewing Workshop

Strike temperature was 77.3°C for 15L of water. The 5.5kg of grain was added to bring the mash temp down to 68.9°C.

Homebrewing workshop
Adding the grain

First mash step was held for 50 minutes at 68.9°C for Saccharifiaction, and then raised to 75.6°C and held for 10 minutes before mash out.

Homebrewing workshop
Extracting the grain bag

Fly Sparged with 10L of water at 75.6°C, which gave us a final boil volume of about 20L.

Homebrewing workshop
Fly sparging

The wort went through a 90 minute boil with a First Wort Hop addition of 28g of Perle.

Homebrewing workshop
Pre boil gravity reading

Second wort addition of Cluster hops was for the last 5 minutes of the boil.

Homebrewing workshop
Second wort addition

Once done, the immersion coil did it’s job and brought the temperature down to 25°C. Shifted everything to the fermenter, pitched the yeast, and we stuck it in the fridge.

After a week in primary, we racked the beer to a secondary carboy where it will remain for another 14 days. Once done, it will be racked once more to a keg, and lagered for 30 days (if we can wait that long).

Homebrewing workshop
Racking to secondary

If you would like to join our next workshop, or would like to help organise one in your city, then please get in touch via Email or Facebook.

Cheers and happy brewing!

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