Weizenbock – All Grain – Bottling day

Written by George on January 9, 2016

Here is the post about brewing the Weizenbock.

Here are the tasting notes for this beer.

Now that I received my racking cane in the mail, I was able to bottle my Weizenbock this morning.

Since I had cold crashed it after a week in Secondary, I added 5 grams of Coopers ale yeast while bottling just in case all my Safbrew Wheat WB-06 had all flocculated out.

Bottled about 19 litres, into some PET and some glass bottles. I use 165.8 grams of Dextrose which should give me 3.1 vols of CO2. OG was 1.048, FG is 1.010 so expected ABV of 5% (which isn’t exactly right for this style of beer, but I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong in my mash to give me such a low OG).


Excellent colour that looks around 24 SRM which is bang on target. I tasted some of it while taking the SG reading, and it tastes perfect. Will age it for 30 days and then open a bottle. Reviews in a month, stay tuned…

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